Ideas on How to Maintain Your Roof: Myths You Must Cross-out

Maintaining your roof requires knowledge, time, and effort. Once you didn’t take the time to do these things, you might end up paying more. Among the three that were mentioned, knowledge in roofing must be the first thing you need to put on the top of your list. If you are a homeowner, you need to educate yourself first to avoid getting wrong information.

Making sure that your roofing is well-maintained is an investment you need to have. Sometimes, due to the reason that you want to let your roofing stay longer, you sometimes do things that you think won’t damage your roofing. You need to be oriented to the things that you must and must not do. Here are the myths you need to take note before you say yes to your roofer.

Myth #1: Infinite Lifespan


There is no such thing as infinite lifespan for roofing materials. 100 years might be the longest time that roofing can last but if you will talk about lifetime, that’s another story. Whether you like it or not, your roofing will be going to tarnish and change its colors. All you need to do is to make sure that you regularly check your roofing.

Myth #2: Invest in power washing

If the roofer suggests that they need to use power washing to clean the roof, you must say no right away. An expert roofer knows how to clean the roof even without the use of power washing. Never let them use that tool due to the reason that it might cause your roofing to brittle and lose its quality. In addition to that, it can even shorten the lifespan of your roofing.


Myth #3: Metal roof is prone to lightning


Metal roofing is not in any way dangerous when it comes to lightning. According to Whirlwind Steel, “It does not attract any extra attention from lightning and, just like buildings constructed with traditional building materials, any electricity from a lightning strike will will be safely transferred to the ground below so occupants will be unaffected.”

Myth #4: Wait until roof is damaged

Once you wait for the time that your roofing is damaged, you might end up paying more. Always keep in mind that if you pile up the problem, there will be more fix to do and problems to solve. Not because you haven’t seen any problem, you will not let the roofer check on your roofing. It’s better to have minimal repair than to replace your whole roof.

Myth #5: Gutter is not connected to roof


Even if you will say that gutter is different from the roof, you will never deny the fact that if the gutter is clogged, it can be the main reason why your roof starts to rust. You need to pay attention to the water drainage in order to avoid further roofing damages. Again, gutter is connected to your roof. Never ignore the problem that it might cause you.

Having enough knowledge when it comes to your roofing will save you from unneeded purchase. Sometimes, you get to pay a huge amount of money because of the information you thought would help in maintaining your roofing. Always take some time to read articles about your roofing to avoid spending too much. Also, let the expert in roofing repair your roof.